For Sale: Mobile Food Truck Business in Malta

  • Money-making business with solid and loyal customer base for sale
  • Cash flow positive, profitable and stable business which already has legs and is not going to fall apart
  • Can be taken over at low risk by a potential buyer who can continue the existing brand and grow the business beyond its current heights
  • Excellent opportunity if you are looking to buy a business with revenues and profits that still have a lot of upside potential

Existing client base

proven & tested concept

Lower risk than a start-Up

Lots of growth potential

Advantages of Buying this Ready-To-Go Business

  • Perfect business to reduce risk. The majority of start-ups fail within the first 2 years. So why take this risk if you can buy this ready-to-go business with no more groundwork to get things up and running? The business is already 3 years old and has proven itself sustainable and profitable, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic without much tourism to speak of.
  • Proven and tested concept: A market for the products has already been demonstrated, both offline with in-person sales and online via delivery service Wolt
  • Everything is in working order and ready to go, including stock, food trailer, vehicles, freezers, fridges, online sales channels (website and Wolt), trademark, branded uniforms, social media channels, e-mail list, and it is easy to license onto your name
  • There are established customers, a reliable income, a solid reputation to capitalise and build on, and a useful network of contacts
  • Solid relationships with suppliers of goods and services, you can benefit from an existing supply chain
  • Ample experience and know-how you can draw on, seller will be available for support after the sale to facilitate a smooth transition

The Belgian Fry

Mobile food trailer serving traditional Belgian fries & snacks in Malta

Belgian Fries

We only serve traditional Belgian fries, freshly cut by hand multiple times a day and double-fried in Belgian beef tallow of premium quality. We do not use frozen fries. Our hearty, fresh fries have a rich golden colour and are crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside.
Small Fries, Large Fries


Combine our fries with unforgettable sauces and snacks to enjoy & savour the ultimate Belgian foodie experience.

Mayonnaise, Tomato Ketchup, Curry Ketchup, Andalouse, Samurai, Yoppy, Satay, Special, War/Oorlog, Flemish Stew Sauce


All snacks are deep-fried in high-quality Belgian beef tallow.

Frikandel Sausage, Frikandel Special, Viandel Sausage, Mexicano, Chicken Corn, Chicken Nuggets, Bitter Balls, Meat Croquette, Bami Oriental, Cheese Soufflé, Crizly


All Bicky Burgers include: Bicky Dressing, Bicky Tomato, Bicky Hot Sauce, Bicky Roasted Onions, Bicky Cucumb' Salad, Sesame Seed Bun

Bicky Original, Bicky Cheese, Bicky Fish


Specials from Ghent, Belgium. Served as a dish.

Julian, Rumbold

Founded by Two Belgian Brothers

The Belgian Fry is a concept of two enthusiastic Belgian brothers with only one goal in mind: Serving QUALITY.

We absolutely use the best products and continue to enhance our strict demands for product quality.

All of our fries and snacks are deep-fried in Belgian frying fat of premium quality. We use a refined natural beef dripping based on a unique blend of delicately refined beef tallow. This traditional natural beef dripping guarantees an irresistible taste and a comfortable digestion.

First opened: 27th March 2019

Facebook Recommendations

Shirley Steel

Friendly service - exceptionally clean catering ‘van’
... and very tasty chips.
The portions are extremely generous !
Will most definitely return here - a tasty treat.

Alan Michael Vella

Amazing food , very good and fresh. Also the host is friendly and helpful when coming to choose what you'd like to eat.
Five star.

Marie De Ruydts

The fries are amazing! my recommendation : The chicken corn with yoppy sauce😉

Joanne Busuttil

The crunchy fries is super, and the sauces are finger licking. These Belgian guys know what they are doing 😉

Sandra Engels

It wasn't the first time maar ze smaakten weer overheerlijk. Great job, can't wait until next time

Kim Smith

The best chips I’ve ever tasted and the mayo is to die for supper yummy 😋- will be visiting every week 😍

Here is What's Included in the Sale



Mitsubishi Pajero

  • VRT until March 2023
  • 2-seater commercial vehicle with tow bar, bull bar, rear parking sensors, 4WD
  • Including 2 extra seats that can be reinstalled as backseat
  • Automatic
  • 2800cc
  • Diesel
  • 1995

Custom Food Trailer

  • Heavy-duty steel frame with double axle and electric brakes
  • Fully finished with stainless steel inside
  • 2 sinks with 2 hot/cold water taps, as required by food safety standards
  • Freshwater pump
  • High-temperature chimney fan for burnt LPG gases
  • Stainless steel range hood with 2 roof fans
  • LED lighting throughout and plenty of power outlets (230V AC)
  • Vending window with heavy-duty gas springs and folding board for clients
  • LPG installation for cooking with 2x 25kg cylinders
  • LPG installation for power generation with 2x 25kg cylinders
  • LPG/petrol generator (2200W)
  • Off-grid battery system in order to get AC power from batteries, charged by LPG-powered generator or mains power
  • Fiscal cash register & thermal rolls, fully programmed with PLUs for ease of use
  • Wolt iPad
  • SumUp card reader
  • Insect killer
  • Covid-safe with custom-made perspex for vending window
  • Approved with flying colours by food safety authority multiple times

Industrial Garage Lease (Optional)

  • 45m²
  • 5m wide
  • 9m deep
  • 4.6m high
  • Single-phase & three-phase electricity
  • Mains water supply
  • Garage door with motor
  • Insect-proof natural ventilation
  • Approved with flying colours by food safety authority multiple times
  • This is essentially the only fixed (low) overhead cost related to this business

Valued at €20,000


Catering Equipment

Professional Fryer

  • 1 square pan with 2 baskets
  • 2 round pans
  • Rated at 37.5 kW
  • LPG-powered
  • Includes large shelf for fries to cool down

Cold Storage

  • Upright freezer
  • Upright combi fridge/freezer
  • Upright fridge
  • 4x chest freezer 502L
  • 2x chest combi fridge/freezer 600L

Other Items

  • Wide slot 4-slice toaster
  • Gas bain marie with LPG connection to 1x 12kg cylinder
  • Hand-operated potato chipping machine with 100-150 kg/h capacity
  • Many other ancillary stainless steel items and utensils required for operation

Valued at €5,000



Frozen Snacks

  • Frikandel Sausage
  • Viandel Sausage
  • Mexicano
  • Chicken Corn
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Bitter Balls
  • Meat Croquette
  • Bami Oriental
  • Crizly
  • Bicky Burgers
  • Bicky Fish
  • Flemish Stew Sauce

Sauces & Beef Tallow

  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Curry Ketchup
  • Satay Herbs
  • Belgian beef tallow of premium quality


  • Folding cardboard wrappers for snacks
  • Cardboard cones for fries: small, large
  • Cardboard boxes for fries: small, large
  • Sauce cups & lids
  • Special sauce containers & lids
  • Folding cardboard boxes for burgers
  • Folding cardboard boxes for specials
  • Snack forks
  • Fries forks
  • Napkins
  • Paper straws
  • Wrapping paper

Valued at €4,500



Trademark & Branding

  • Registered trademark can be used for other outlets as well in future
  • All brand materials available in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files
  • Professional photography of all menu items
  • Branded polo shirts and face masks for staff

Website & Social Media

  • Website incl. online ordering system via WhatsApp or SMS, payment gateway can be easily added to also process online (card-not-present) payments, effectively enabling you to run your own delivery service if you like
  • Domain name and e-mail address
  • Social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, TripAdvisor, YouTube, WhatsApp for Business
  • Mailchimp e-mail list
  • Mobile phone number

Reputation & Client Base

  • The Belgian Fry has built a solid reputation of high-quality fast food at affordable prices.
  • The level of service has always been very high and staff has been very friendly and helpful.
  • Cleanliness has also been an oft recurring point of praise in Facebook and Google reviews.
  • This unrivalled level of professionalism has translated into a loyal customer base with a recurring craving for our products.
  • This was especially clear during the coronavirus pandemic where there were few tourists to speak of and still the business managed to thrive with both new and returning local clients every week.

Valued at €5,000


Low-Risk Investment, All The Hard Work Has Already Been Done For You

Behind the scenes interview with the founders in May 2019, just 2 months after starting up

Great Opportunity with Low Risks

The Belgian Fry presents a great opportunity with low risks. Here is why:

Actual results VS pro forma projections

As a buyer of this existing business, you benefit from actual financials rather than pro forma budgets, improving your ability to gauge future earnings and develop an accurate financial picture.

Immediate and predictable cash flow

This successful business can provide cash flow from day one. After purchasing this successful business, as a new owner you can immediately rely on predictable revenue for operations, payroll, and debt service.

Training and transition

As part of the purchase price, we agree to give a thorough explanation toward training and transitioning the business.

Note that we won’t be running the business or working for the buyer. We’ll be teaching the buyer, answering questions, and providing support.

Established supply chain

Significant value of established suppliers and service providers.

The Belgian Fry has a solid supply chain for food, drinks and packaging. So you can avoid the kinds of operational disruptions that damage customer relationships.

You will also save on the time and effort that would be required to establish these relationships from scratch, and you may benefit from favourable terms negotiated by us (the previous owners).

Existing customers & referral business

The Belgian Fry is a healthy small business (see Facebook recommendations and Google reviews) with a robust base of existing customers, word of mouth marketing and referral business. 

On the contrary, start-up businesses are difficult because you have to convince customers to stop buying from their usual places and come to your company (most entrepreneurs underestimate how hard it is to change customer behaviour).

Licenses & permits

Permit needed to obtain the license onto your name consists of an on-site check by the authorities.

This check can be done in a matter of days and was always passed with flying colours in the past.

License to operate this business can then easily be put onto the new owner's name.

In this industry where licenses and permits are essential for operations (e.g. bars, food trucks and restaurants), already being compliant with the necessary permits and licenses can shave weeks or even months off the launch cycle.

Developed growth strategy

The Belgian Fry is for sale and has moved beyond the start-up stage and has developed a plan for the next stage of growth.

We as sellers can provide training to bring new owners up to speed on operations and the company's documented growth strategy.

Better work-life balance

Small business ownership is rarely a 9-to-5 type commitment.

But start-ups can be all consuming, so buying an existing business such as The Belgian Fry will result in a better work-life balance for the owner.

Financial Details of this Investment Opportunity

  • Excellent opportunity for a single owner operator with a payback period of less than 1 year if revenue and profit remain flat
  • In other words, the ROI on this investment is over 100% if revenue and profit remain flat
  • 3-year-old business with extremely high customer satisfaction (see customer reviews)
  • Excellent and reputable brand with authentic food at very accessible prices
  • Risks have been offset as follows:
  • Impeccably documented for the trailing 12 months, Profit & Loss statement of 2021 including all Z readings from the fiscal cash register and fiscal receipts of all operational expenses can be made available to serious prospects after signing NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Financial details of 2019 & 2020 also available (including revenue charts) so you can see the growth (evolution of revenue year over year).
  • Fully transferable business including vehicles, garage (to let) and all catering equipment, stock, and goodwill
  • Clear paths to growth for the next owner

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Google Reviews

Celine Ps

Loved the fries and Bami bun. Very friendly service. Can highly recommend!

Elly Aarden

Best fries on the island !


That guy really knows how to serve some awesome fries! Delicious!!

Sara Wolf

Best fries and they have the best burger that I ever eat in my life. Thanks boys

Marcel Buitenhuis

Dutch snacks. The best.

Beefy Hirst

Could not walk past these guys,and glad i didnt satay sauce was perfic as was the rest great service and fantastic grub at really good prices

Q&A - Tips and Advice from the Seller

How to grow this business in the future?

Possibilities include:

  • Increase opening hours: In the past, The Belgian Fry has only been open from Thursday to Sunday. This could become 5 days per week (one additional day) or more with rotating staff on a shift basis.
  • Add a Bolt presence to further increase online exposure. We started with Wolt only as a trial to see whether this could be done sustainably with increased pricing to offset the Wolt commission in order to protect our profit margins. This test proved successful so it can be scaled with other third-party delivery services.
  • Allocate a marketing budget: We have spent no money on marketing at all until now, meaning everything grew organically and purely by word of mouth. There is definitely opportunity for growth with a good marketing campaign.
  • Accept private catering requests: In the beginning, we attended a number of events and accepted a few invitations to private functions. We have learned many important lessons from these experiences which we can pass on to the new owner in order to protect profit margins. These can be very lucrative, but also take up a lot of time outside of regular opening hours so as not to disappoint regular customers. We have not been able to entertain all of these requests due to other business interests but there is definitely a market. Nevertheless, this can significantly boost revenue and profit. Requests like these have dropped with the Covid-19 pandemic but are starting to pop up again as rules are starting to become less restrictive to organise events again.

  • Consider opening fixed establishment(s): The sale of The Belgian Fry includes the registered trademark. This allows you to scale this business from its humble mobile food trailer - with which the concept was proven and tested - into a full-scale chain of fast food shops around Malta and Gozo. Though definitely possible because there is enough demand for the product, this requires considerably more capital and is therefore likely to be a longer-term goal of the new owner.

How to minimise risks with this business?

  • Recruit a part-time assistant to help you during peak hours: around 20 hours per week
  • Continue with the current menu: do not change a winning team
  • Continue in Xemxija as home base: this is where the established clientele knows to find you since "the yellow van" has become a part of the Xemxija street view, it is easy to park, it provides incredible visibility, clients can make use of public benches for seating, no immediate neighbours to complain about noise or odour
  • Adjust prices for inflation: we created spreadsheets for cost calculation
  • Use our spreadsheet to monitor stock levels: timely ordering of goods from overseas (Belgium) is crucial

Is The Belgian Fry transferable and sellable?

Yes, definitely:

  • We will be available for support in order to properly transfer know-how, knowledge and skills to the new owner. We wish to see the buyer succeed and continue to grow this working concept.
  • We will make all necessary introductions to suppliers, manufacturers, service providers to guarantee a smooth transition.
  • We will guide the new owner to obtain the required licenses and permits.

Is all documentation available to make a good investment decision?

Yes, we can make all necessary data available to serious prospects after signing NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement):

  • Clear Profit & Loss statement for 2021 including all Z readings from the fiscal cash register and fiscal receipts of all operational expenses
  • Charts of revenue trends for 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Gross profit trends for 2019, 2020, 2021

Is The Belgian Fry Covid proof?

Yes, it is. Customers are served in the open air, without providing seating, as a pure takeaway.

Additionally, a custom-made perspex screen is installed to protect both staff and clients.

What’s more, we expect the business to further grow in an organic fashion once tourism is back to pre-Covid levels.

Adding a Bolt presence and allocating a marketing budget can also provide an additional revenue boost.

Could The Belgian Fry become obsolete in the coming years?

With the quality of the products and our segment of fast food, we highly doubt The Belgian Fry could become obsolete in the future. Furthermore, our prices guarantee nice margins while still offering an accessible price range for customers of all walks of life.

What does the profile of the next owner look like?

We believe this business is interesting for two types of buyers:

  1. A buyer who will act as a single owner operator of The Belgian Fry and employ a part-time assistant: payback period of less than 1 year if the revenue and profit remain flat. If this future single owner operator has a healthy work ethic, he or she can definitely make a good living with this business.
  2. An investor who will employ one full-time operator and a part-time assistant: payback period of just over 1 year if the revenue and profit remain flat.

We will provide guidance and training and make sure all knowledge and know-how is transferred.

Why are you selling in the first place?

If this business is profitable and stable, why are you selling in the first place?

Simply because The Belgian Fry is outgrowing us. 

We started this business for the freedom, the love for the Belgian (and Dutch) fries and snacks, and the cash flow and profit it provides.

We are currently experiencing time constraints because we have other business interests that deserve our attention. At the same time, The Belgian Fry becomes bigger and needier than our time schedule can afford. It needs more than we have to give. 

We know ourselves and need to be honest about what we’re in business for. We worked hard to get The Belgian Fry to its current level and we hope to identify a suitable new owner who can take this business to the next level as we take our eyes off it to focus on other projects.

Do you have a healthy work drive and can you see the obvious potential of this opportunity?