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love for belgian fries in malta the belgian fry

Who amongst you can honestly say you don’t love Belgian fries? Answer this truthfully. We can’t recall ever meeting anyone who dislikes those dreamy fried sticks of potato and we hope our paths will never cross someone of such crass persuasion!

Our main goal is to prepare what we love: Tasty and beautiful Belgian fries with unforgettable Belgian sauces as accompanying toppings!

We believe there is nothing like a delicious portion of tasty Belgian fries topped with a matching sauce.

At The Belgian Fry, you can taste our Belgian fries which are crunchy on the outside and have a rich golden colour while at the same time being perfectly fluffy on the inside.

Chips, Belgian fries, pommes frites, French fries, sceallóga, whatever you want to call them… They are the perfect supporting act for so many dishes in terms of flavour, but can be the star of the show of their own accord…

Belgian fries aren’t just a side dish or an appetiser in Belgium. They are a meal in themselves.

That is why we also offer a vast Belgian Snack Collection with various types of Belgian traditional sausages, authentic Belgian special meat snacks, Belgian chicken snacks and some very famous Belgian burgers.

Visit us to taste our Belgian fries and instantly realise a delicious take away with splendid taste does not have to cost an arm and a leg!

Founded by Two Belgian Brothers

In the spring of 2019, we launched our mobile Belgian fries shop in Malta. Why, you ask?

As Belgians living in Malta, we would honestly make a pilgrimage to Brussels just to cosy up to a cornet of frites and an accompanying meat snack (and we have done).

Because we couldn’t find typical Belgian fries in Malta, we decided to serve the real thing on Maltese soil.

Now, you can just come to The Belgian Fry for those tasty fries you’ve been craving for, right here in Malta!

And we’ve also got some of those heavenly meat snacks such as the classic frikandel!

Best of all: we are mobile, so we can also come to you for your event!

We are a cheerful, entrepreneurial, and dynamic duo that goes the extra mile to bring your party or event to a successful conclusion.

We always try to offer a smooth and friendly service and care about a professional approach.

Traditional Belgian deep-frying method

The Belgian Fry is a concept of two enthusiastic Belgian brothers with only one goal in mind: Serving QUALITY.

We absolutely use the best products and continue to enhance our strict demands for product quality.

The Belgian Fry has its own, unique recipe for the most delicious Belgian fries.

We use a strain of potatoes which is perfectly suited for frying potatoes.

fresh potatoes the belgian fry

These potatoes have a nice shape, have eyes with a shallow depth and have a high concentration of starch.

We only work with the best potato growers and our suppliers apply strict procedures and only supply carefully selected potatoes.

potato field fresh produce the belgian fry

Our fries are fresh and hand-cut daily. We swear by ultra fresh, high-quality and hand-cut fries! We apply a typical Belgian cut of 12 mm.

freshly cut potatoes daily the belgian fry malta

You can watch us cutting the fresh potatoes live on scene with our hand-operated potato chipping machine.

All of our fries are deep-fried in Belgian frying fat of premium quality. We use a refined natural beef dripping based on a unique blend of delicately refined beef tallow. This traditional natural beef dripping guarantees an irresistible taste and a comfortable digestion.

This high-quality Belgian refined tallow offers a rich, meaty, undeniably delicious flavour to the fries that just cannot be imitated.

traditional refined beef tallow the belgian fry

How we prepare our Belgian fries

golden belgian fries the belgian fry malta

All of this makes our Belgian fries irresistibly tasty!

Don’t hesitate and bring us a visit to taste our traditional Belgian fries & snacks.